Value Hotel Group Offers Great Deals for Travellers

As reported in an article on, a recent promotion by Tune Hotels has been providing incredible incentives to cost-savvy travellers.

Their Taste of the World promotion saw Tune Hotels’ already low prices plummet even further for online bookings made by December 1st 2013.

Rooms in Malaysia were snapped up for as low as RM20 (AUD$6.80) per night and the timing could not have been better, with Visit Malaysia Year about to start in 2014.

Tune Hotels are the pioneers of the “pay-as-you-use” accommodation concept, where guests only pay for the services they use. Optional amenities such as air-conditioning, towels and toiletries, in-room wi-fi and satellite TV are all available separately for a small extra fee.

Tune Hotels also don’t offer underused facilities such as swimming pools, gymnasiums and business centres, which allows them to discount their international class rooms to the kind of amazing low rates being offered in their recent promotion.