Tune Hotels is the Place to Stay in Downtown Kuala Lumpur

Tune Hotels Downtown KL is one of 11 branches in Malysia. Located around 65km from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport Low Cost Carrier Terminal, the hotel sits in a quiet district close to the tourist trail and convenient for the train station. It is easily accessible by bus and cab, too. Tune Hotels Downtown KL has 275 rooms, a cool grey and red colour scheme and friendly English-speaking staff.

The main selling point of Tune Hotels is the “pay for what you need” pricing structure. For example, there is an electric fan or you can pay extra to enjoy air conditioning in your room. You can bring your own towels and toiletries with you or have them supplied by the hotel.

Downstairs, guests can also make use of the library, conference room and prayer rooms during their stay. The hotel is, of course, equipped with wifi.

Pinoytravelblog.com’s top tip for travelling is to pack your own universal charger, although they are also available to purchase at the hotel should you forget.