Top 7 KL Layover Tips for Budget Travelers

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Layovers aren’t the best thing to happen to travelers, but they can be just as well when you’re in a city like Kuala Lumpur. Vibrant and easily accessible, simply being in the airport allows you access to various facilities and experiences.

In fact, here are the things you can do without stretching your budget thin — further proof that Kuala Lumpur is a haven for the budget traveler, even one who is just passing through.


1. Go on a Food Trip

NA Curry House in KL

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You don’t have to spend much, or even take long to go on a local food trip! Board the KLIA Express train and hop off KLIA2 (a 3-minute trip, for RM 2), then go to the Gateway. Right downstairs is NZ Curry House, which is a food court that serves authentic Malaysian food at really cheap prices! This low-profile, high-quality place is where the locals go to eat, which is how you know you’re in for a real bargain.


2. Visit a Curiosity Shop

While away the time by visiting Garage Station, also at Gateway. The shop sells a lot of curious things from vintage items to Hollywood movie posters, along with a lot of weird and unusual trinkets.


3. Take in the Sight from the Observation Deck

In between KLIA and KLIA2 is the observation deck, where you can see all the planes landing and departing. It offers a great view of the surroundings and is picture perfect especially at night.


4. Take a Whirlwind Tour of KL

If you’re on a layover for several hours, why not step off the airport and see the sights? The company Baggage Solutions can safeguard your luggage while you’re away, and Showcase KL can tour you around the best spots in Malaysia’s capital. The deal costs only RM 100, which is equal to just around USD 23!

My Hop On Hop Off Bus KL

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The tour will take you around Kuala Lumpur in a Hop-On Hop-Off bus (included in the package), passing through some of the best the city has to offer:

KL Tower Aquaria Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) Lake Gardens  National Palace  And 18 other stops!

An alternative would be to do your own tour, by taking the Express Train into town (RM 55 to KL Sentral) and hailing a cab. This gives you more freedom on what you wish to see, and how long you wish to stay.


5. Go Shopping at the Factory Outlet

Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA

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Budget traveling in Malaysia means you’re looking for deals on everything. And if shopping is your thing, you will enjoy Mitsui Outlet Park. Here you can get branded items for lower prices.

There’s a free shuttle service from KLIA Gate 2, so you can easily get here! There are several international brands available, and many finds at wholesale rates. There’s even a food court with affordable food.

There are also different affordable shopping outlets at KLIA2’s Gateway, so it’s also worth checking out. You can find things here from clothing to electronics.


6. Watch Free Movies

Is moving about not to your liking? Maybe you would like to sit down and watch a good movie at the lounge instead. This is an open space within KLIA2 where you can chill out and watch HBO until your next flight. No need to worry about missing check-in either, as a separate screen will updates you on this.


7. Catch up on Sleep

And if you’ve been on a tiring trip, what better way to recharge than to catch some z’s? And you don’t need to spend a lot in getting a decent rest, by checking out a budget hotel near KLIA Airport.

Book a room at the Tune Hotel KLIA Aeropolis, Airport Hotel and stretch out on the fluffy beds and pillows at an affordable rate. Our hotel is just 15 minutes away from the airport, and a scheduled shuttle service plies the route between.

Tune Hotel KLIA Aeropolis Room

There are modern facilities and even free WiFi throughout the whole hotel, along with a luggage storage service in case you wish to take a city tour after you rest up.


Reminder about Immigration Requirements:

Remember that to visit any place outside the airport (Gateway, Mitsui, Showcase KL, Tune Hotel); you need to comply with Malaysia’s immigration requirements. That means you need to clear customs. Visa nationals will need to have a visa, and you can easily check this with their handy online visa checker tool! If you plan to go landside, applying for a visa is also just a few clicks away.

KL is one of those cities that you don’t just pass through — you just have to experience it. And it’s a great thing that you can do that without fear of missing your flight out. For sure, however, you will find yourself looking for the next flight in before long!

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you wish to reserve a room at the Tune Hotel, you can do it on our website for the best rates!


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