Experience Indonesian History in Solo

Travellers to Java usually head for Yogyakarta to experience a court city. For an even more rich cultural stay, however, indonesia.travel recommended going against the flow and paying a visit to Solo – also known as Surakarta – instead.

Solo is home to more than half a million people, yet according to locals retains a strong sense of community. It is renowned for its cultural pride and many Javanese traditions are still upheld here.

Solo’s palaces, the Sunan of Surakarta and the Prince of Mangkunegara, can be explored by pushcart and definitely should not be missed. Other cultural highlights include Wayang puppetry, riding around the old city and witnessing a performance by Solonese dancers. It is also worth making time to visit Solo’s lively markets and historic buildings.

This regal city is alive 24 hours a day, so visitors will always find something to see or do, no matter what time it is. Indonesia.travel advises allowing several days to make the most of everything Solo has to offer its visitors.