Budgeting Tips For That Big Trip

According to a recent article on lonelyplanet.com, these few simple steps will save you a whole lot of financial pain when budgeting for that big overseas trip.

  • Work out how much you’ll need – this includes airfares, accommodation, meals, incidentals and the occasional splurge. Add a little fat so that you don’t have to economise too much and end up not enjoying your holiday.
  • Work out your pre-departure costs – these include visas, travel insurance, immunisations and any specialised travel gear you might need (e.g. hiking gear, power adaptors etc).
  • Start saving – once you have a figure, start working towards it every day. Mark your progress as you go and consider using budgeting software if you find saving difficult.
  • When you go – make sure you keep your money safe on your trip by carrying it in several different places and forms (e.g. cash, cards, travellers cheques etc). It’s also a good idea to have small amounts of cash readily accessible to pay for incidentals, so you aren’t flashing your wallet around as an invitation to pickpockets.