Top travel blogs in Malaysia/about Malaysia

Top travel blogs in Malaysia/about MalaysiaScores of talented food and travel bloggers are busy documenting Malaysia’s terrific cuisine, happening cities and natural beauty. Blogs report firsthand, so they are a great place to turn for inspiration and advice when travelling in a new country. Here are some of the best:

  • Rebecca Saw: “Wackybecky” is a Kuala Lumpur advertising consultant who is a mine of info on the latest hip and just plain fun things to do in KL. Want to navigate a maze of back-streets in the Malaysian town of Melaka to get to the legendary Nyonya chang glutinous rice dumplings made in a deceptively nondescript café? Want to know where to catch the latest performance of the hit chefs’ musical that performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Delicious Musical Bibap?  Food, travel, cars, tech – if it’s new, zany or intriguing, it’s probably blogged by Rebecca.

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Big Events in Malaysia this July & August

Big Events in Malaysia this July & AugustA public event in a foreign country can make for great travel memories. It’s a chance to rub shoulders with the locals, get under a country’s skin and see what makes it tick. If you are heading to Malaysia this northern summer, lots of events are on the calendar. Why not slot one in on your itinerary? Here is a pick of the best.

  • From July 1-31, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee, only it won’t be coffee you’ll be smelling at the Penang Durian Fair. Durians are a large spiky melon-like fruit with an aroma that is – how do we put it kindly – a little challenging? Some say rotten onions, others say – well, try it for yourself. Get past the smell-test, though, and durians have a luscious flavour and custardy texture. Their creamy flesh is paired with savoury dishes and sweet, even with chocolate!  You can sample loads of clever recipes at this food-fest.

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How to Get Around Malaysia

How to Get Around MalaysiaIf you’re heading to Malaysia, this Rough Guides brief on public transport may help you find your way.

Road: Much of your travel may be by bus or minivan, especially on Peninsular Malaysia. Comfortable express buses connect all major cities and towns as frequently as every hour, while slower local buses service each town.

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9 of the Top Malaysian Islands

9 of the Top Malaysian IslandsMalaysia’s many islands are about gorgeous beaches, snorkelling and diving, and lush rainforests – but they also come with temples, villages and activities! Here are 10 of the best:

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7 of the Craziest and Coolest Nightclubs in & Around Kuala Lumpur

7 of the Craziest and Coolest Nightclubs in & Around Kuala Lumpur1. Zouk Club Malaysia – This award winning clubbing venue is one of Kuala Lumpur’s biggest. There are 7 different rooms that offer 7 completely different experiences, including the Phuture room that caters to a savvy cool crowd, Barsonic for the hard core partiers and the Roof Garden – a lush forest where you can zen out away from the crowds.

  • Address: 113 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
  • Phone: +60 3-2171 1997

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Discover Kuala Lumpur’s Top Attractions

Travelers heading for Malaysia should be sure to put Kuala Lumpur on their itinerary. As the nation’s capital, Kuala Lumpur has a population of 1.5 million and is a hotspot for tourist attractions such as these:

  • The Kuala Lumpur Tower is more commonly known as the KL Tower. It boasts a revolving restaurant and observation deck.
  • For those wanting their towers in pairs, the Petronas Twin Towers are a true feat of engineering and architecture, joined together by a dual-level Skybridge 41 and 42 storeys from the ground.
  • The city’s Lake Gardens, or Taman Tasik Perdana, are home to butterflies, birds and deer as well as exotic blooms in the park’s Orchid Garden.
  • More natural wonders can be found at Firefly Park. Take an evening cruise for the best views of the spectacular firefly display.
  • Pick up souvenirs in Chinatown, close to Kuala Lumpur’s financial district. describes it as perfect for shopping fans and bargain hunters alike.
  • Further afield, the Batu Caves are worth a trip, but visitors will need to be prepared for more than 270 steps if they wish to visit the Hindu temple here!

Most Improved Award Goes to Tune Hotels

Tune Hotels is adding to its trophy cabinet, picking up the award for Most Improved Brand in a recent international and domestic hotel survey.

The BDRC Hotel Guest Survey Programme for South East Asia measures the performance of hotels in 35 countries. The survey was based on various performance factors such as unaided brand awareness, prompted brand recognition and usage during the previous year.

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Tune Hotel Waterfront Kuching Turns Five Years Old!

Tune Hotel Waterfront Kuching is celebrating five years of business in the city and continues to be a hugely popular accommodation choice for travellers in Malaysia.

According to Tune Hotels chief executive officer, Mark Lankaster, Tune Hotel Waterfront Kuching benefits from a prime location and attracts both business and leisure travellers seeking value for money accommodation in Kuching.

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Where to Take Kids in Malaysia for a Family Holiday

Where to Take Kids in Malaysia for a Family HolidayMalaysia is a wonderful place for a family holiday. There is plenty to see and do, and loads to keep both adults and children entertained. Here we’ve created a list of some of the best places to take your kids when traveling to Malaysia.


If you’re kids are old enough to enjoy shopping, the malls in Malaysia are incredible! Kuala Lumpur (KL) is known for it’s massive shopping malls where you can buy clothes, shoes, technology, souvenirs and games the kids will love. Stock up on what you like, as the prices are very cheap.

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Malaysia’s Batu Caves Offer an Experience Like No Other

Just 13 kilometres from Kuala Lumpur, hidden within the urban jungle of the city, lies the majestic Batu Caves. Considered one of the holiest and most revered sites in Southeast Asia, the Batu Caves still manages to retain an air of serenity and awe despite the bustling commercialisation.

Within the gates, there are stalls set up everywhere: stalls for religious artifacts, flowers, monkey and pigeon food. P.A. Cybulskie from Chasing Places explored the caves and said that to actually get to them, you’ll need to climb 272 steps – but it is well worth the effort. Between the intricately carved religious statues scattered around the site and the breathtaking scenery, the view will be like no other.

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